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Keep calm & carry on
It's alright, Receiver. You'll be fine, promise. The floral equivalent of a cup of tea, Keep calm & carry on proffers encouragement to a Receiver stressed, troubled or beset by the demands of profession or circumstance, from a Bearer confident in their capabilities and wishing to show faith.

Of course, if the Receiver is that busy, reply of any kind may be wishful thinking. However, should opportunity arise, Thank you or You rock! express gratitude; I miss you or I want you desire for the Bearer, and I can take it the assurance that Receiver too is confident in their ability to prevail. Never again refuses the Bearer outright; I can wait declares the Receiver’s willingness to give the Bearer what time they need; Whatever implicitly repudiates their concern; Make it stop begs them to make it go away, and No regrets declares the Receiver’s acceptance of the negative consequences of their decision.
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