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This means war!
Watch out, Receiver. It's on. Dangerous flowers to bear, and perhaps even more dangerous ones to receive, this marks the opening of hostilities between the parties concerned; a resignation to use any and every means at the Bearer’s disposal to vanquish the Receiver.

Defiant Receivers can assert themselves with a challenging I dare you or I can take it, a contemptuous Whatever or WTF?, a disbelieving You've gotta be kidding me or dismissive Grow up. Counter-threats are implicit in Danger and How could you?, whilst the roundly insulting Go and die in a hole makes the Receiver’s opinion of the Bearer entirely clear. Oops suggests mistake, sarcastically or otherwise. Truce desires an end to the conflict, You win concedes defeat; Hold your horses counsels hesitation, and Good luck courteously wishes an opponent luck; while And so it begins... welcomes hostilities, and I can't wait invites the Bearer to do their worst.
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