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Come away with me
Hey, Receiver, someone wants to take you away, somewhere, for excitement and escapism. The precise destination, and the adventure’s precise duration and nature will be explained in due course, upon the Receiver's acceptance. In fact, keeping the details deliberately secret is encouraged to heighten anticipation, and if the Receiver agrees without knowing what the future holds for them, it is a sign of a strong connection and trust between both parties.

Receivers wishing to impose conditions upon their acceptance have On one condition with which to do so, while WTF? or You've gotta be kidding me articulate disbelief and About time the decided belief that the Bearer’s offer comes none too soon. Squee or I can't wait express enthusiasm, while those communicate a hedonistic wish for new experiences can send Anything once in order to do so. Thanks, but no thanks refuses politely, You should be so lucky and Never somewhat less so; Alas expresses regret, and What's troubling you? the firm conviction of inappropriateness.
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