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I don't trust you
Yeah right, Receiver. Someone isn't having any of it. An emphatic rejection of faith in the Bearer’s integrity, this is often a pivotal point in any relationship. Whilst capable of being either playful or serious in meaning - as part of a teasing exchange with More and Prove it, or following Evil laugh, for example - it can also be crucial in response to What's happened to us?, say, or We can get through this, and is often hard to respond to.

Those wishing to assert the importance of the Bearer to them have I need you to do so, or those feeling the need to apologise have Forgive me, or maybe Sorry. If such a statement requires explanation, Tell me more or You intrigue me offer means of asking for it, whereas Receivers simply anxious the Bearer know the effect of their mistrust have Despair, and Regret with which to do so. Something I said? enquires as to the Receiver’s culpability for such mistrust. Perhaps Is this the end? is the most poignant question arising from I don't trust you. Should the initial gesture have been more teasing than tortured, however, Who, me? or I dare you may be suitable in response.
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