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Don't call me, I'll call you Sorry, Receiver. Don't call me, I'll call you cuts unpleasantly close to the bone. Dismissive and on occasion irritatingly superior, this Bearer wishes for no further contact with the Receiver unless for specific and exclusively self-determined purposes. Responding to such a communication is tricky – doing so is to violate the wishes of the Bearer, after all.

How could you? makes the Receiver’s anger at this treatment quite clear. Is this the end? queries the Bearer’s decision, advisably or otherwise, whereas WTF? and Tell me more disclaim the drama of the Bearer’s gesture, and Unwise criticises their decision. Danger, Consequences or This means war! can be used to shift the tone of such an exchange into a more directly confrontational mode, or Go and die in a hole to express a final condemnation, but such Receivers should perhaps consider the possible results of their actions, and temper directness with caution.
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