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Be careful, Receiver. Here is a Bearer consumed with the insidious, frantic passion of jealousy, with all its echoes of inadequacy, despondency and loss.

Whilst a Bearer may be seeking clarification, reassurance or simply expression, a Receiver can offer confirmation with Someone else?, disbelief with You've gotta be kidding me or passionate rebuttal with I'm yours, Forever yours, Never, or Only you. Those wishing to communicate only their own emotional states in response have Despair, or Sorry to offer a simple, heartfelt apology, while Forgive me begs forgiveness for a transgression accurately perceived. You're imagining things declares the Bearer a victim of their own overactive imagination; It's complicated asserts the complexity of the situation; It's not what it looks like the Bearer’s mistake; Get over it implies the Bearer is overreacting, while I'll make it up to you promises redress and Let's pretend that never happened proposes, however impractically, that both parties forget whatever prompted the Bearer’s concern.
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