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Have a good one, Receiver! Someone wishes the best for you. Light-hearted and comfortable, affectionate farewell or simply encouragement about a Receiver’s daily business, Enjoy offers the Bearer’s blessing and good wishes. Sent as part of a dialogue, it can mean either loving reassurance of the Bearer’s appreciation of the Receiver’s independent life and activities, or a companionable highfive between friends. If only (or a sarcastic I can take it) suggest the Receiver finds the possibility of such enjoyment unlikely at best. Help! begs for assistance; Aaaaaaaaaa or Fear emote fear or panic; and I don't trust you indicates the Receiver regards the Bearer’s message as suspicious at best. Whilst Enjoy often closes a dialogue, Of course, On one condition and Anything once all offer further detail, and Only you makes the centrality of the Receiver to such an eventuality strikingly clear.
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