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Receiver, whatever your intentions or actions have been, this Bearer is singularly unimpressed. Whether encouragement to think twice about a professional venture, a personal dilemma or a romantic engagement, Unwise provides maybe less-than-gentle encouragement to rethink the Receiver’s current course of action.

Frequently, and perhaps unsurprisingly, Receivers are unreceptive to the Bearer’s advice, although those welcoming the Bearer’s criticism can acquiesce with Fair enough and give thanks with Sorry or You rock!. Bearers can be courteously dismissed, however, with Trust me, or playfully with Who, me?. Should the Receiver wish to assert superior knowledge of certain salient facts, Big mistake or a straightforward Mind your own business make their position clear. A dismissive Get over it or defiant No regrets are appropriate for Receivers who stand by their behaviour, while Let's pretend that never happened wryly acknowledges that the Bearer has a point, I'll make it up to you offers compensation, What's troubling you? expresses concern and Please redoubles a request.
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