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Eep. Something probably shouldn’t have happened, Receiver, and the Bearer of Oops is apologetically acknowledging the fact. Whether the slip was as dramatic as an accidentally revealed secret or as trivial as a minor catastrophe with the Receiver’s favourite mug, Oops reaches for some sort of shared acknowledgement of mistakes made and hopefully forgiven.

Let's pretend that never happened concurs, agreeing to forget the incident in question forthwith; I forgive you forgives the Bearer for whatever damage, physical or emotional, may have been caused, and Consequences warns that the consequences of whatever mistake has been made are unlikely to be trauma-free. You shouldn't have done that places responsibility squarely on the Bearer’s shoulders, while It's not you, it's me does precisely the opposite. Lips sealed announces the intent to keep matters secret. Aaaaaaaaaa indicates a substantial degree of agitation at the occurrence in question, and How could you? blind rage; One last chance offers the Bearer one last chance, but it might be wise for Bearers to consider that such gestures are rarely extended more than once.
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