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Let's pretend that never happened
Er, oops, Receiver. Sometimes, it really is preferable to sweep the mess under the rug and start all over again, possibly with a bulldozer, and this Bearer considers your (or their) current situation just such a moment.

Receivers concurring may do so with a simple Yes or a reflective That was... interesting or Anything once; those doubting the Bearer’s ability to maintain the promised illusion can say so with Don't make promises you can't keep, and any wishing to assert that it was still worth taking the chance can do so with Worth a shot. On one condition imposes conditions on the proposed pretence, and One last chance makes it clear that this is the last such favour that will be extended, while Get out of jail free constitutes assurance of future clemency. Lips sealed promises to keep silent, whilst Evil laugh offers an ominous suggestion of more-or-less orchestrated chaos up ahead. Those unwilling to cooperate with the Bearer’s request can make the fact quite clear with You should be so lucky, Never or even You've gotta be kidding me.
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