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We can get through this
Keep the faith, Receiver. Someone wants you to know that it'll be alright in the end. They'll stick by you. Life is not always as easy as one would like, and sending We can get through this acknowledges that – but whether the difficulties are financial, romantic or familial, this Bearer knows that the bond of love between the two parties will keep them strong throughout. Although admitting that something is amiss, and that one needs help to make it right, is frequently difficult, it can also be crucial to successfully negotiating trouble, especially if problems lie within the relationship between Bearer and Receiver. We can get through this is a forgiving message, suggesting growth and optimistic evolution, and Receivers should be pleased that they are bound to such an understanding partner.

Reassurance of the Receiver’s willingness to bear with the situation can be given with Don't give up or I can take it, while I'll do anything promises to do whatever it takes to improve matters.
Receivers despairing of the Bearer’s promise can use Despair to articulate their sorrow, while sadness for the state of things is evident in Regret or a lamenting What's happened to us?.
I need you asserts the Receiver’s need for the Bearer, and those wishing to underline their love and care can send I love you or Trust me to do so. Doubtful Receivers can remain equivocal with Reluctance, whilst Don't make promises you can't keep and I think not express disagreement and It's over or I give up disclaim any desire to try.
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