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On one condition
Well perhaps, Receiver, but it'll cost you. Whatever request you have made of the Bearer, there is at least one stipulation to be made before they agree. Perhaps you have hurt the Bearer previously, or failed to take into consideration some crucial point; perhaps they are negotiating the future terms of a relationship, and the Bearer has a dealbreaker to share. Responses can vary from the unequivocally positive Of course to the decidedly negative You've gotta be kidding me or WTF?, whilst the romantic Only you, I need you or I trust you make the Receiver’s feelings clear. Senders of I can take it are confident in their capacity to meet the Bearer’s demands, those using I'll do anything will do whatever it takes, an Tell me more requests explanation and C'est la vie accepts the situation, while Anything but that speaks of a Receiver prepared to do anything except that which the Bearer asks.
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