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My heart bleeds
Hmmm. This Bearer is not, perhaps, quite as devastated by the Receiver's apparent emotional state as the latter may consider appropriate, and wishes the fact to be made known to them. If you are the Receiver, then, consideration may be advisable.

Whether the Receiver considers the Bearer responsible for their condition or otherwise, My heart bleeds makes it clear that the latter has an almost ostentatiously clear conscience. Receivers who feel such implicit criticism unjust can reply dismissively with Whatever or in equally sarcastic tones with Condolences; threaten dire consequences with You'll pay for that; express the longing for things to be otherwise with If only; or lament changes in their relationship with the Bearer by sending You've changed or What's happened to us?. This means war!, on the other hand, makes the Receiver’s disapproval of the Bearer and their attitude indisputably clear.
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