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Something I said?
Hmmm. Someone is either concerned about the impact of their words upon you, Receiver, or affecting to be so. They may be perturbed, or potentially guilty. You, Receiver, may seem disconcertingly different, displeased or distant. Whilst not necessarily worried as such, the Bearer of Something I said? nevertheless seeks to ascertain whether they’re responsible for such inexplicable withdrawal.

For Receivers, a curt Yes or Creep may be the only reply necessary. More generous, if troubled, Receivers can respond with a more explanatory You shouldn't have done that, a worrying Awkward or We need to talk, or a puzzling but potentially comforting It's not what it looks like. More emotive communication is offered by Aaaaaaaaaa, Jealousy, Despair or Regret. A simple Keep calm & carry on offers reassurance, while It's not you, it's me or We need to talk somewhat the opposite, although both at least promise explanation of any change in behaviour. Go and die in a hole or How could you?, on the other hand, make animosity toward the Bearer abundantly clear.
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