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You're cute
Awww, Receiver. Someone thinks you're, well, a bit adorable. A lighthearted and cheery compliment, whether intended to remark upon the Receiver’s kitten-like qualities or appreciative of their more sensual nature.

Should the parties concerned be relative strangers, Drink? offers means of furthering their acquaintance, and I like you or How you doin'? make the mutuality of such feelings apparent. For those somewhat better known to one another, You're beautiful, You're lovely, You rock! or Likewise respond in kind. A flippant Who, me? or You'll do maintains a deliberately humorous tone to the exchange, while Thanks, but no thanks offers a firm rebuff and You're imagining things, I think not or You've gotta be kidding me disclaim the compliment entirely. Should the Bearer’s attentions be unwelcome, Make it stop or Creep establish this clearly, while You're not my type or You dent my calm offer variously gentle explanations for the Receiver’s withdrawal.
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