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What's happened to us?
Somewhere, Receiver, you and the Bearer of What's happened to us? have become lost to one another. But wait; they seek explanation, understanding, a healing of the breach. Both an appeal to address the problem and a nostalgic plea to recall good times gone before the chance of redemption is lost forever, What's happened to us? is rarely less than heartfelt.

A Receiver wishing to reassure the Bearer of their commitment despite the distance between them can reply with We can get through this, I'm yours or Forever yours. Those feeling a state of disrepair fundamentally the responsibility of the Bearer can communicate this with You've changed, Regret and Despair means of expressing emotional responses. Make it stop or Truce constitute appeals to rectify matters, but should the situation be irretrievable, Let's be friends, It's not you, it's me, or We want different things all offer explanations and more-or-less gentle refusals. We need to talk invites the Bearer to discuss matters in somewhat sombre tones, while Don't give up reassures them that whatever’s happening does not necessarily mean the end of all that is between them.
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