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I love you
Passion, devotion, kinship, desire, idolatry, yearning, rapture; love is infinitely various as those who live it, and I love you is an intensely joyous celebration of its truth. The Bearer wishes the Receiver to know of their adoration, body and soul.

Often only responding in kind is necessary, but the profound feeling in I miss you and I need you, the devotion of Only you and I've always loved you, the newfound enchantment of I've never felt this way before, commitment of Forever yours or simple contentment of Perfect are all significant in themselves. Squee expresses childlike joy, while I'm yours or You're mine affirm the bond between Bearer and Receiver. Who, me? responds with a teasing self-deprecation, while About time implies that the expression of such sentiments are long overdue, and Prove it demands the Bearer prove their love. I don't trust you states baldly the Receiver’s mistrust of the Bearer, whilst an advisory Tread softly, Slow down or Hold your horses counsel caution. Receivers substantially less than overjoyed at the receipt of such assertions, however, can send in repudiation an unequivocal Big mistake or Get over it. You're not my type provides a semi-apologetic explanation, while the blank incomprehension of WTF? or Aaaaaaaaaa prove effective if destructive means of undercutting the Bearer’s declaration.
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