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Time out, and possibly *hugs*. In times of hardship, tension, grief or trouble, Bearer and Receiver have found themselves at loggerheads, beset by arguments, worry, and the harsh constraints of reality. For this Bearer, affection for the Receiver outweighs the difficulties of a situation, prompting the suggestion of calling a halt to hostilities for a while. Whether the respite in question consists of a trip away or merely an agreed period where all discussion of difficulties must cease, Truce offers shared escape, however temporarily.

Receivers wishing to convey understanding of the situation and acquiesce with the Bearer’s request can do so with Fair enough; On one condition offers conditional acceptance; while I don't trust you refuses on grounds of the Bearer’s untrustworthiness. One last chance makes it clear that matters are at breaking point, while a more optimistic Thank you suggests this could be a significant new beginning.
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