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Help, I'm trapped in a florist's!
A traumatised cry of despair from a Bearer unaccountably finding themselves trapped in a florist's shop, potentially the victim of triffidesque antics on the part of nearby flora or the malicious intent of their fellow man.

Should the fellow man in question be the Receiver, or should they appreciate the Bearer's plight, they might choose to signal the fact with Evil laugh. A cryptic And so it begins... suggests untoward events may be about to unfold; C'est la vie accepts this situation as part of life's rich tapestry, and Good luck and Keep calm & carry on offer advice and good wishes for the difficult future suggested by such a situation. Grow up dismisses the Bearer's potentially playful tone, I see what you did there asserts awareness of the Bearer's potential humour, and You've changed a sententious, melancholic warning of the ephemeral nature of human joys.
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