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Tell me the truth
Something, somewhere, is wrong; a note is offkey; this Bearer is suspicious. Tell me the truth is a bold request, not just implying deception or prevarication from the Receiver, but demanding the entire, unedited truth, about both the Receiver's actions and their view of the Bearer. Frequently, this offers the welcome opportunity to bring troublesome matters into the open, clear up any misunderstandings and bring subsumed tensions bubbling to the surface. However, sending Tell me the truth can also require both certainty and wisdom, for it is undoubtedly true that sometimes current upset and confusion may in fact be preferable to an unpalatable unalloyed truth.

Receivers wishing to continue the invited dialogue may reply with We need to talk; And my axe! assures the Bearer they have no need for concern, and Patience promises future fulfilment, if only the Bearer can wait a while.
Perhaps the ideal response, should such a gesture come from a romantic partner, is We can get through this, altho I'm yours may also ring true.
Those wishing to refuse the Bearer’s request, however, may use Mind your own business or It would be wrong ; although, as always, such a powerful gesture of repudiation should only be made after thought and deliberation.
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