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Kiss me, you fool!
Some Receivers just don’t take the hint. Kissing is often the first clear physical affirmation of affection or desire, and this Bearer wishes to hurry matters along somewhat. Unconcerned with plans for the future, echoes from the past, or the vagaries of the present, if the Receiver accepts, then the kiss is all that matters – for now.

Often a positive response in kind is redundant, although Receivers wishing to explore their feelings for the Bearer can always send I like you, I love you, I want you or Obsession should they wish. Receivers unsure of the Bearer’s romantic situation can use Could it happen? or Do you feel the same? to make delicate enquiries, and a non-committal Anything once, I dare you or Drink? to invite further contact; You're beautiful also rarely goes amiss in such situations. Should the Bearer’s identity be unknown, You intrigue me and Tell me the truth request courteously that they make themselves known before the Receiver makes any decision, while Mind your own business, Creep and You're not my type repel their advances. WTF? and Who, me? articulate confusion, feigned or otherwise, while Receivers fully cognizant of the Bearer’s identity can use You shouldn't have done that, No, It would be wrong, You should be so lucky, Never or even Let's pretend that never happened or You dent my calm to let them down with various degrees of directness.
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