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Where now from here?
Someone's confused, Receiver, and they need your help. Such a Bearer requires elucidation before they can proceed. Either your feelings are in doubt, Receiver, or further advice or information is necessary before a decision can be reached or a plan of action concocted. Particularly if recent contact between Bearer and Receiver has been eventful, Where now from here? offers useful means of providing resolution.

Should romantic matters remain unresolved, I like you, I want you, Let's be friends or even I love you have the potential to make hitherto unspoken feelings clear. Similarly, You're not my type, Let's be friends and Better luck next time provide clarification, even if not necessarily that which the Bearer might desire. Should the relationship between Bearer and Receiver be in turmoil, We need to talk proposes crisis talks, I give up admits defeat, Is this the end? wonders whether the end has come and We can get through this offers reassurance this is not, in fact, the case.
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