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Don't make promises you can't keep
Ah, Receiver. This is a wry warning that your promises – whether of time, thought or action - repeatedly outstrip your performance. Whilst not angry as such, this Bearer certainly wishes to make their awareness of the discrepancy clear – and urge you to be more honest in future.

Of course, appropriate responses depend entirely upon the circumstances occasioning the Receiver’s unsatisfactory behaviour. Should pressing but imminently resolvable matters be the cause, Patience should suffice to make positions clear; Trust me urges the Receiver to have faith in the Bearer, or One last chance begs for one last chance. Should a Receiver wish to make amends, I'll do anything or Sorry indicate this, and What do? asks for suggestions; On one condition imposes conditions, Prove it turns the Bearer’s criticism on its head, while Receivers wishing to challenge the Bearer have You've gotta be kidding me or You're imagining things with which to do so.
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