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Is this the end?
Beware, Receiver; something is stretched to breaking point, and it might already be too late to save it. Bearer and Receiver are estranged for some reason; each lost and uncertain of what the future might hold. Sending Is this the end? can be an attempt at restitution or a request to confirm an already-realised loss; replies evidently vary greatly depending on the Receiver’s feelings for the Bearer.

Those wishing to disagree emphatically can send We can get through this or Anything but that, or even I'm yours; We want different things and You've changed not only agree but give reasons, while further information can be requested with Do you feel the same? or Something I said?. I have something to tell you and We need to talk both propose a potentially negative conversation, One last chancemakes the desperation of the situation wholly apparent, and Unsure expresses simple uncertainty. Truce suggests momentary respite for both parties to gather their thoughts; I give up and It's over concede defeat; No choice declares parting inevitable, while Get over it unsympathetically instructs the Bearer to adjust swiftly to such a conclusion.
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