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Go and die in a hole
The Bearer is somewhat disenchanted with you, Receiver. Relations may have been damaged by unexpected revelation (Someone else? or You're not my type, perhaps?), ongoing tension or sudden distress, and Go and die in a hole endeavours to communicate a consequent explicit rejection.

Those wishing to echo the Bearer’s sentiments have Likewise with which to do so, while those considering the Bearer’s message as on opening of hostilities may use This means war! or You lose to convey this. Dismissal of the intended sentiment’s importance can be conveyed through I can take it, or its fervour can be ironically accepted with Surprise me.
Puzzlement or a request for explanation are articulated through Something I said? or Who, me?, while Receivers wishing to open negotiations, wisely or otherwise, can send Anything but that or even a wistful What's happened to us? to do so. Enjoy or My work here is done, on the other hand, offe perfect means of disregarding the Bearer’s feelings.
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