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What's troubling you?
What's up, Receiver? Someone is worried - whether for you, or themselves. Perhaps you have become cold and distant, for no reason the Bearer can fathom; perhaps you are even openly dismissive, without any explanation. What's troubling you? constitutes a plea, for explanation at the very least, but preferably with reconciliation in mind.

Receivers unaware of any change in behaviour but anxious to reassure the Bearer can declare their feelings with I like you, I love you, or Only you, or acknowledge difficulties with We need to talk or a mournful What's happened to us?. Those who have indeed been upset by the Bearer – or by something else – can express the problem with Jealousy, I don't trust you, Someone else?, You shouldn't have done that, or We want different things, while those doubting the Bearer’s word have Tell me the truth or Of course with which to request further discussion. Warnings of upcoming or potential emotional havoc can be given with Tread softly, Danger or How could you?, and Bearers would be well advised to heed such concerns.
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