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Make it stop
Please, Receiver. Someone'll do anything, as long as you can ensure current circumstances...cease and desist. Fingernails down a blackboard, misplaced apostrophes, ridiculous workloads - Make it stop constitutes an affectionate if tongue-in-cheek plea from the Bearer to make it all go away, now, please. Preferably yesterday. And a cup of tea would be nice.

Receivers sympathetic to the Bearer’s plight can indicate the fact with Condolences and offer support with And my axe!; encouragement can be sent with Don't give up, Cheer up or Keep calm & carry on. Those willing to accede to the Bearer’s request can do so with Sure thing, those unable to with No choice, while conditions can be imposed with On one condition or a refusal given in It would be wrong. I'll make it up to you promises compensation for whatever iniquity prompted the Bearer’s desperation, but whether such a gesture is adequate only the parties concerned can decide.
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