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Admit it
You've been caught out, Receiver - or at least, someone thinks so. The Bearer of Admit it is frustrated by the Receiver’s inability to acknowledge what they consider a self-evident truth. Particularly poignant in situations where the Bearer feels mutual attraction is unacknowledged or that the Receiver is deliberately deceiving them, a simple I like you, I've always loved you or Someone else? can be used to clear matters up – albeit not always to the Bearer’s satisfaction.

Tell me more begs for more information, We need to talk requests crisis talks, while What's happened to us? and You've changed lament changes in the relationship between Bearer and Receiver, and WTF? or You've gotta be kidding me articulate incomprehension. Receivers can suggest misunderstanding with It's not what it looks like, Hold your horses or Big mistake, while Trust me begs for trust and You win concedes defeat. Should such a demand be inappropriate, Mind your own business or Creep makes the point quite clearly.
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