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Bless you, Receiver. Someone thinks you're perfect - for them, at least. For this Bearer, neither you nor any aspect of your time together could possibly be improved upon. Communicating joy in the present and hope for the future, this is perhaps as lovely to send as to receive.

In exchange Obsession, I love you, I've never felt this way before, I need you declare a passionate romantic bond, while I'm yours and You're mine communicate trust and possession. What's happened to us? declares (hopefully joyful!) surprise at the turn matters have taken, while I'll do anything indicates unconditional surrender to the Bearer’s love and Prove it demands playful assurance of their feelings. Should the implied adoration be impractical for some reason, If only expresses yearning, and We need to talk a serious and potentially unpleasant conversation on the horizon.

In the rare circumstances where such a communication is unwelcome, Slow down and Reluctance express hesitation, If only a potentially futile yearning; while How could you?, We want different things, WTF?, or You're imagining things may perhaps give some indication as to why.
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