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I can't wait
Half familiar, breathless, restless longing, half exasperated reluctance to spend another day in turmoil; if this message arrives prior to an arranged meeting, a clear addendum is attached - I can't wait to meet you - and thus conveys excitement, joy and exuberant anticipation of the encounter.

Should this be the case, Squee, Likewise or Obsession may all be suitable replies. However, if given in response to a more delicate message – perhaps Don't give up, We can get through this or Anything but that – it slants dramatically towards I won't wait, and takes on a far harsher tone. If so, Anything but that appeals the decision. Consequences warns of potential trouble as a result, One last chance asserts the limits of the Receiver’s tolerance in militant terms, and Patience promises great reward should the Bearer choose patience, whereas Is this the end? expresses concern over the possible consequences of their haste.
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