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You're beautiful
You're beautiful, Receiver - at least, somebody thinks so. Such a simple compliment, and yet one so central to so many human passions. Beauty is arresting, touching, eternal and earthly at once; lost somewhere between terror, solace, salvation and loss. Whether from an unexpected stranger, newfound lover or beloved partner, the absolute sincerity of such appreciation is rarely unwelcome, often disarming and sometimes powerfully affecting.

For those positively inclined, a simple Kiss me, you fool! or I love you may suffice in reply, while I want you make the Receiver’s feelings clear. If only or I think not disclaim the compliment, while Thank you accepts it with grace. Should the parties be insufficiently acquainted, Could it happen? or #32 enable delicate enquiries to be made, while Drink? anticipates an enjoyable connection.
I'm yours and You're mine, on the other hand, make undertones of romantic possession clear.
In the unlikely event a Receiver wishes to reject both the Bearer’s statement and their advances, a dismissive Whatever provides quite definitive indication of the fact.
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